Mystery Workshop Revealed! – Crepe Paper Flowers

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Our last mystery workshop was hugely successful! I think it’s safe to say that we had a blast. We made these amazingly realistic poppies from crepe paper.

One or two people asked me to do a tutorial video, which is now live on our Youtube channel.



I’ve also included the template in .pdf format, which you can download here.

We will, of course, now be offing crepe paper flower workshops in our regular programme. Don’t forget to check out our workshops page, where you can find all of our upcoming classes and even book online.


The crepe paper we used is Florist Grade Crepe. It’s important to note that this will not work with the majority of craft crepe paper available from craft shops. Florist Grade Crepe paper is available at floral suppliers or online.

Materials and equipment you will need include:

Floral Crepe Paper – Use white, pink, yellow, red, purple etc. for the petals and dark green for the leaves. You will also need ivory or yellow for the stamens.

Floral Tape (in green)

Toilet Tissue

Heavy Gauge Floral Wire (for the flower stems)

Light Gauge Floral Wire (for the leaf stems) 

Coloured Pens or Pastels

PVA or Tacky Glue

Glue Gun (and glue sticks)



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