At Curio, not only do we sell painted and up-cycled furniture, as well as the paint to do it yourself, we also offer a Paint It For You Service.

painting serviceMany people don’t feel confident enough to take the brush to their own furniture, or perhaps, simply they do not have the time. For whatever reason, many people opt to use out painting service

As standard, we paint furniture using one of the fantastic colours from the Everlong Superior Finish Paint range, and for added protection we always. wax the project. Of course we can paint your furniture with paint from any range currently available and also offer a choice of finishes, from standards to distressed, multiple colours and even decoupaged.

Of course each project, like our client, is unique and we will discuss your requirements and quote for each piece, however as a rough guide, please use the table below to give you an idea of costs.

We Can Paint It For You Price Guide

Using Everlong Superior Finish Paint

  Standard Finish

Painted using Everlong paint in a colour of your choice and finished with wax for added protection

Single Colour Distressed Finish

Sanded back to achieve an aged and worn effect

Two Colour Distressed Finish

If the colour of the project is not appropriate for a single colour distress it may need an added base coat


Table top or cabinet back finished in your choice of paper & varnished for added protection

Bedside Cabinet £40 £5 £15 £10
Chair (without upholstery) £20 £5 £15 N/A
Coffee Table £40 £5 £15 £10
Console Table £40 £5 £15 £10
Dresser £80 £10 £25 £20
Chest of 3 Drawers £50 £10 £25 N/A
Chest of 4 Drawers £60 £10 £25 N/A
Table (4 seater) £60 £10 £25 N/A
This is just a guide for your information, each project will be quoted for individually.

Please ask about other additional effects and replacement handles etc.


Important Information

All furniture is upcycled using top quality chalk paint which by its very nature is not designed to look ‘factory finished’. There will be slight evidence of brush marks and the paint will have a flat finish. This I what makes painted furniture timelessly popular.

Any defects in the furniture will not be repaired unless requested. Some defects may be more noticeable when painted.

Any changes to the project must be agreed and requoted for.

The price list overleaf is for guidance only and each project will be quoted for individually.

Our price guide includes painting to the “visible when closed” parts of the furniture. This means
that paint is applied to areas that can be viewed from normal sitting & standing angles when drawers, doors,
lids, etc. are closed. However, we are happy to quote to paint the back, insides and other areas if preferred.

Please visit us to see samples of various colours and finishes.

*Note: Please check availability before bringing in furniture for painting/upcycling

Of course, if you want to learn how to paint furniture and apply a variety of effects and finishes we offer regular Furniture Painting & Upcycling Workshops.